Unity For Service

Through March 31, the Exchange club is offering a 90 day free trial membership. Join us for a meeting at noon Thursdays at the Cleveland Country Club and learn what Exchange is all about:

Child Abuse Prevention
Community Service

Call 662-721-8691 for more information.


The Exchange Club of Cleveland is a member of the National Exchange Club and the Mississippi District Exchange.

The Mississippi District includes 27 clubs with over 600 members. Mississippi has been part of the National Exchange Club since the 1920s.

The Cleveland Club was founded in 1935 and currently has about 50 members.

The club meets weekly at noon on Thursdays (except the last Thursday) at the Cleveland Country Club. During the last week of the month, the club sponsors a social event for members.

Club members conduct a variety of programs and projects, which fall into four categories: AMERICANISMCOMMUNITY SERVICE, YOUTH,  and  CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION.

Dues are $43 a month and includes National Dues, District Dues and meeting lunch.

If you are interested in joining call, Denise Strub at 662-721-8691 or e-mail weeble34@gmail.com